Please note that effective December 7 2020, the Quality Council's Quality Assurance Framework and Guide will be unavailable due to planned maintenance. A PDF version is available from the QC in the meantime. Should you have any questions about where to find relevant resources or information in the Framework or Guide, please contact Amanda McKenzie

Information for Site Visits

On behalf of the entire University of Waterloo community, we thank you for your service. Thoughtful and constructive evaluation of our academic offerings is essential in achieving the academic mission of the University.  We are grateful for your willingness to conduct a site visit and welcome your systematic, balanced and constructive feedback on the program(s). 

A site visit by arm's length external experts is conducted for the review of all existing programs, as well as proposals for new programs.

The site visit is typically conducted over two days by a team of two external appraisers and an internal participant (i.e., support person) who is a faculty member at the University of Waterloo. The entire process is coordinated by the Quality Assurance (QA) Office, which reports to the Associate Vice-President, Academic (AVPA) and the Associate Vice-President, Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (AVPGSPA). A one day site visit by arm's length internal reviewers is used for the review of certain non-degree programs (e.g., minors, options, UG diplomas).

In order to assess the program(s), the external reviewers will receive an electronic copy of the self-study or proposal brief prepared by the program a few weeks in advance of the site visit. Please note that these documents are confidential and should be securely destroyed/deleted following the completion of the external reviewers' duties. 

External reviewers are provided with an honorarium for their work.

For more information on what will occur before, during, and after the site visit, please review the following. 

For assistance with travel, accommodations, itinerary, honourarium and reimbursements, please contact: 

Ruth Huard, Administrative Assistant 
519-888-4567 x 38425
For assistance with the meeting schedule, External Reviewers' Report and general questions or concerns, please contact:
Alyssa Voigt, Quality Assurance Coordinator
519-888-4567 x 36709
Amanda McKenzie, Director, Quality Assurance (Academic Programs)
519-888-4567 x 38562