University of Waterloo 60th anniversary alumni awards

60th anniversary logoIn 2007, the Alumni Council established the University of Waterloo 50th  Anniversary Alumni Awards to honour 50 outstanding alumni. In 2017, the Alumni Council will continue the awards program by honouring outstanding alumni with 10 University of Waterloo 60th Anniversary Alumni Awards. These prestigious awards, honouring alumni for their commitment to the University, will be presented in December 2017, to commemorate Waterloo’s 60th anniversary.

Nominations are now over. Recipients have been chosen and will be recognized at the end of the calendar year and in the fall magazine.

Awards criteria

To be eligible to receive a University of Waterloo 60th Anniversary Alumni Award, nominees (individual or pair) must meet the following two minimum criteria:

  1. Hold a degree or honorary degree from the University of Waterloo
  2. Have demonstrated citizenship to the University of Waterloo. This includes but is not limited to: volunteering, mentoring, involvement with committees/boards/panels, philanthropic support, advocacy, etc. (worth 2/3 of the evaluation weighting)

Consideration will also be given to the following two criteria, worth a total of 1/3 of the weighting when reviewing nominations:

  1. Successful career/professional achievement(s)
  2. Community service/contribution to society

Award selection will be made by the University of Waterloo Alumni Council, with input from Faculties, Colleges, and Schools. From all qualified nominations received, consideration will be given to ensure equal representation of the UWaterloo community.

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