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Advancing your career

Looking to get ahead in your career or start things off on the right foot? Alumni Relations has partnered with other Waterloo services to help you out!

As an alumnus, you have access to three complimentary career advising sessions. Career advisors can help you:

  • Spice up your resume Graphic of a resume sheet
  • Explore career options
  • Develop job search strategies to help you land that perfect gig
  • Identify your personal brand (which is probably pretty awesome!)

Search the WaterlooWorks for jobs posted specifically for Waterloo alumni. You can also post a position if you are looking to hire.

Keep your skillset up-to-date! Professional Development offers you a 20% discount on all in-class and online non-credit courses and certificates.

StarsBe a Star (created by Larry Smith)

Whether your goal is to be a remarkable employee or to create an unprecedented venture, the Be A Star resource offers valuable instruction based on research, logic, and the experiences of alumni. The series of integrated units pose thoughtful self-assessment questions, identify common career obstacles, and share relevant workplace advice – all tailored through the UWaterloo lens – to help you become not only successful, but truly exceptional.