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Reflecting on Let's Talk. Pulse, Orlando.


SURP Class of 1981's 35th Year Reunion

SURP class of '81

Great reunion, great chats, great memories! Graduates of the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) came together on Saturday, October 29, 2016 to celebrate their 35th year since convocation. Some graduates travelled as far as Vancouver and Montreal to attend the event, as well as several retired faculty.

Systems Thinking, Sustainable Development and Other Buzz Words that Can Transform the World

Kali Taylor

My trusted UWaterloo Faculty of Environment water bottle follows me everywhere I go these days. Inscribed in white letters on the bright green metal of the bottle is a mini checklist.

Today I’m going to:

From Investment Banking to Financial Technology

Like many of my peers, my time at the University of Waterloo can be summarized as a unique juxtaposition of science and innovation. Personally, my math and business double degree gave me excellent insight into both sides of the entrepreneurial equation: the tangible and intangible.

Film & Tech: An Unlikely Combination

My time at UWaterloo has been, to say the least, non-linear. I started my first two years in the Faculty of Mathematics studying statistics and computer science, then shifted my focus to acting after taking an introduction class. And when I was accepted early into NYU's MFA program for acting, I graduated early with a three-year general degree to make that happen.

UWaterloo Co-op’s Contribution to Cancer Discovery

If you were to ask me where I saw myself in the future during my first year at the University of Waterloo, I most definitely would have had a different answer than what my reality is today.

My name is Abilasha Rao and I started my journey into biological research in 2010 as a UWaterloo undergraduate, and since then it’s been quite the ride. 

Clearing the Path to Peace

Mary and co-workers

Throughout my time at the University of Waterloo I have refined my skills as a development practitioner, specializing in disarmament. This program has provided me with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in my preferred field by working with Mines Action Canada (MAC) through their partner Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) in Vietnam.

The Wonderful Things I Get To Do

The wonderful things I get to do....such as walk into my first undergrad biology lab. Yes, I’m that one. The one who clogs the traffic through the door because she’s stopped to grin. The one who can’t decide what to take from the course list because WHO WOULDN’T WANT THEM ALL!

The Medli Award and the Mystery behind a Good Novel

Portrait of Susan

In early April of this year I received the inaugural Medli Award for my second mystery novel “True Image” – a story that brings together a portrait artist and an autistic child to solve a murder.

Reunion: self-exposure

SURP class of '81

We dash through life, our eyes fixed intently on a busy present and the promises of the future.  Days of sameness and moments of revelation stream by until we hit a milestone.  A transitional birthday, the death of a loved one, an invitation to a class reunion might make us stop, take a deep breath and glance back over our shoulders to take stock of our journey. 

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