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Reunion: self-exposure

SURP class of '81

We dash through life, our eyes fixed intently on a busy present and the promises of the future.  Days of sameness and moments of revelation stream by until we hit a milestone.  A transitional birthday, the death of a loved one, an invitation to a class reunion might make us stop, take a deep breath and glance back over our shoulders to take stock of our journey. 

Expanding Badminton throughout North America

Profile of Charles Pyne

During the summer of 2004, following a two-year stint playing badminton for professional clubs in Denmark, I returned to Canada. After having taken a five-year hiatus from my education, I wanted to commence my tertiary studies at the University of Waterloo (UWaterloo).

Silicon Valley's "Social Conscience" on Growth that Serves the Greater Good


The half-lives of businesses are shrinking, so companies need to have the maturity and thoughtfulness to stay on top — not just to get there.

Volunteering at Family Welcome

welcome home t-shirt

On September 4th and 5th alumni, faculty and staff joined the housing and residence teams at the Family Welcome, where they were positioned in different residences to greet family and friends of our newest Warriors. Karen Carter (BA ’05) shares her experience as an alumni volunteer.

UWaterloo Alumnus Travels the World with Family

Sabrina and her family in front of a castle

I chose the University of Waterloo for my undergrad because it had one of the only co-op programs in Political Science and because it had a program, at the time called Applied Studies, which allowed me to explore my interests in a variety of subjects, while taking less courses in my major. I particularly enjoyed courses that allowed me to learn about other cultures. After graduating in 2001, I spent about five weeks traveling around Western Europe.

Pastel Dress Party: Revolutionizing the Bridesmaid Experience

Yellow dresses

Being able to enjoy the bridesmaids experience with your girlfriends, is the premise behind Pastel Dress Party. Specializing in made-to-measure bridesmaid dresses, Pastel Dress Party is the love project between my co-founder, Janny Lam and myself.

Ecologist for a Canadian gold mine in Northeastern Russia

Carlie and her team at the "Welcom to Kupol" sign

Six years ago, when I was moving into my first year residence, St. Paul’s University College, I got to share a floor with about nine other floor mates. I never thought that my education would lead me to one of the most isolated mines in the world, where I’d be living with 850 Russian floor mates.

Alumni Family Day – Toronto FC

Family Day at BMO Field

On July 23, another blazing hot southern Ontario Saturday brought another chance for University of Waterloo alumni to meet up and reminisce at Alumni Relations’ annual Family Day in Toronto.

Get to Know Our Team: Faculty and College Alumni Officers

alumni officers

A couple of weeks ago we explored the interesting lives of half the Alumni Relations team. This week we bring you autobiographies of the alumni officers in the faculties and colleges. 

Working at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Vivian Choy and Friends

It feels like just yesterday I boarded a flight and headed down to Florida to start my journey with Disney. The feelings of excitement mixed with nerves are still so fresh in my memory; I cannot believe that a year ago, I applied to the Disney Academic Exchange Experience.

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