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The Life and Achievements of a UWaterloo Astronomer

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In 1971, I enrolled at University of Waterloo at age 15, the youngest student ever up to that time at UWaterloo. After obtaining my BSc in 1976, I met Dr. Stephen Hawking who gave me the life-long resolve to persevere against any odds. I returned to UWaterloo via the correspondence program to earn a BA in Classical Studies in 1990.

My Story as a UWaterloo Australian Global Ambassador

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It is International Education Week (IEW). The University of Waterloo celebrates IEW with more than 100 countries around the world. When graduating from Waterloo, never in a million years would I have predicted that I would be writing an UWaterloo article from Australia.

Why I Volunteer

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When I stopped to think about my answer to the question “Why do I volunteer?”  The answer really comes down to it making me feel good.  I am fortunate to be in a position where I can support myself and I am healthy enough to do pretty much anything I want to do.

Increasing Tech Literacy in Waterloo Region

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I am often asked why I do the work I do. While studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, the most common question I received was “Why, as a woman, did you choose to study engineering?” Over time, my response evolved to a finely tuned sound bite that I could recite in my sleep, if needed.

An Alumnus Doubles Down

Uppi portraitI’m not much of a gambler, so it’s quite unlikely that you’ll find me in a casino or even buying a lottery ticket as the odds are stacked against me and I’m not one to bet on good luck.

Convocation: The Student Story

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In the past, Alumni Relations has shared behind the scene stories of what goes into making the University’s bi-annual convocation activities such a success. What we haven’t shared is the student story.

How outer space can help in the fight against Ebola

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