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Alumni Entrepreneurs Share Adventures with Undergrads in Start-up Course

wayne changMy name is Wayne Chang and I teach BET 300 – Foundations of Venture Creation at the Conrad Business Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre. In this class, we have had the privilege of having various successful UWaterloo alumni come to talk to students about their entrepreneurship experiences.

Climate Change: Joining the Dots

richard kellyI spoke to my father last weekend as I do for my routine check-in, as a son living away from his parents and siblings and he started talking about conversations that are bubbling up more and more regarding climate change and its impacts. He lives in a smallish town (population of 13,000) in rural Hampshire, UK.

A Connected Environment

nicholaas cloetIn high school, I was very timid and withdrawn, with only a sense of responsibility and concern for the environment to help guide my choice in a university program.

The Road to Presidency

danielle burtThere are a few questions that I keep hearing during my time at UWaterloo, “How is __ going to help you in the future?” and “What are you involved with on campus?” I have received these questions from various people: professors, co-workers, managers, fellow students, friends, and family.

Opportunity through Sport

mandy bujold headshotMy name is Mandy Bujold and I am currently a second year student at the University of Waterloo, working towards my undergrad in Liberal Studies.

Giving Back – How it Benefits Your Community

tonyThey always say that we, as people, should always look for meaningful ways to give back, contribute to things that have provided us with the opportunities to where we are today, and create a stronger sense of community among like-minded people.

My UWaterloo Life

Tammy Kim with husband Chris Newman on their wedding day