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Investing in Waterloo Innovation

Rachel talking to students

During my year-long graduate studies at the Masters of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology, I was exposed to the raw talent, creativity and motivation University of Waterloo students possess in developing innovative and cutting edge ideas for research and businesses. 

Invite young innovators to experience Waterloo

Ideas participants

IDEAS helped me realize that although I am only one person, with drive and knowledge I have the power to change the world.” – 2014 IDEAS Participant

Special Event Renews Bonds of Community

Troy with his daughters at FAD

From Arts Student to Artistic Director

Kathryn Ladano

Coming Together

Ray and his group at reunion

On October 27, 2014, eight UWaterloo PhD and one BA Psychology grads from the late 1960’s and early 70’s plus partners, held a “mini-reunion” on a plantation house just outside of Nashville, Tenn.

Alumnus to Filmmaker

Scene from the Volunteer

I have no idea how it happened but I’ve somehow become a filmmaker. At least, I think I am. An actual filmmaker with many titles to his name told me recently after a screening of his film, “If you’ve made a film, you’re a filmmaker.”


Motivating with Games at UWaterloo

Diane at work

At the Games Institute at the University of Waterloo, we understand that games can be used to motivate players to part-take in real world (aka non-game) activities.

Games motivate by providing three things: the sensation of being and becoming competent in a skill, the feeling of being in control, and by providing social contact.