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Lumotune Builds the Future of Transparent Displays

Lumotune team holding a velocity picture

It’s no surprise that Lumotune transparent displays, which change from opaque to transparent with the touch of a button, captured the attention of a full-house at the California Pitch Alumni Event in April.

Humanitarian Success

Jim estill standing near Danby boxes

As I reviewed other alumni articles, I noticed that most were about business successes.  In that regard, I have been lucky - I started my company from the trunk of my car and it grew to over two billion in sales. I discuss how I did that in my TedX talk.

Voltera Prints the Future

Voltera team

How do you build a company that straddles the worlds of hardware, software, and materials science? We sat down with Voltera, a Velocity Garage startup and recent winner of the California Pitch Alumni Event, to hear their story, and the unique challenges they've faced along the way.

Varden Labs Steers Change in the Autonomous Vehicle Industry

Varden Shuttle

Self-driving cars are quickly becoming the next frontier in the automotive world, and two recent students from the Velocity Residence are developing a vehicle with its own unique spin. Varden Labs is building an autonomous shuttle for university campuses, and the company is on a roll.

Collecting the Ghosts of Waterloo and Staging our Memories

Robet MotumIn preparing this post, I have read dozens of other alumni contributions to this site. If this blog is any proof, we all have fond memories and sentimental stories which we have carried with us since our time at the University of Waterloo; stories which have, somehow, shaped who we have become.  As a theatre artist and researcher, I have a love of stories.

Update from an Engineer turned Project Runway Designer

Angela SumA question that I have gotten a lot since my fashion debut on the national reality TV series, Project Runway, is how I made the jump from a tech career on Wall Street, to working in the fashion design industry?

How to Improve Your English Conversations with a Powerful Vocabulary eBook

Witty Money WordsHow do you speak or learn English quickly and fluently? Would you consider taking an online English speaking course or public speaking classes? Would you consider enrolling in Toastmasters, GRE Vocabulary, ESL sessions, presentation skill training, or even a course on English communication skills training and techniques that claims to transform you into an English guru?

Oopsmark- A Combination of Engineering and Art

JesseFive years ago, I founded Oopsmark to create the things I wanted to see in the world - mostly consumer products for bikes, bodies, or homes.

Paths Where a UWaterloo Education May Lead

Daniel SzpiroWhile she may not have coined the phrase, I often think of my undergraduate years at the University of Waterloo when I hear Joni Mitchell sing the line, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” As I approach the fortieth anniversary of the start of my UWaterloo studies, I can’t help but think how that experience – both inside and outside of the classroom – changed me then, helped

Connecting Everyone Changes Everything

Sukh SinghI often get asked why I founded my start-up, uCiC (you see I see).  For me the answer is simple, I want to work on something that would help break down barriers in our world. The value of being connected across geographic, social and language barriers is something I have seen first-hand and it goes back to my time at the University of Waterloo.

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