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Moving from the Financial Sector to a Sustainability Oriented Start-up

Toddly Logo.A start-up was probably the furthest prospect from the future I envisioned when I happily graduated from the University of Waterloo in winter 2010. I was young and really excited to take on my first full time job at Goldman Sachs.

An Agile Approach to Life

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A decade ago when I applied to University, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I loved to learn, discover new things, and solve problems that mattered to the world – but when it came down to what “career” I wanted to have, I was open to suggestions. Most of my close friends at the time shared the same ambition – do great things, without being sure what exactly those things were.

Helping to Produce Better Results from Surgical Operations

NERv logo.I am Youssef Helwa, the CEO and co-founder of NERv. I am a University of Waterloo Nanotechnology Engineering graduate with extensive experience in the field of biosensors and microfabrication. NERv is one of the first members of the Velocity Science program. It aims to develop its sensors to one day eliminate the anxiety and worry associated with the occurrence of post-operative complications and the dangers associated with it.

Why UWaterloo allowed me to be Crazy Innovative


Memories of Fantastic Alumni Day


5 Ways Waterloo Prepared Me to be a Writer

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I’ve always enjoyed the company of kids, appreciating their openness and general silliness. But, I pity the children I practiced testing on, while I was a student in the MASc Applied Psychology program. Along with lectures in child development, abnormal behaviour and (yikes!) statistics; I was given practical training in intellectual and educational assessment.

My Experience Working with Alumni Relations

evelynI am in my first co-op work term as the Communication and Marketing Assistant for the Alumni Relations department of the University of Waterloo. Before coming into this work term, I had very little understanding of how the department operated. The only clue I had was that Alumni Relations deals with donations made by alumni to support the University. I really cannot say the same anymore.