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Inspired by Waterloo Professor, Teacher Shares Passion for Physical Dialogue

Dante portraitI always look forward to brilliant student moments on-stage. Sometimes, my students have absolutely no idea why their work is being commended… but I recognize them anyway. I’m thrilled when these young student-actors take informed character risks and articulate some rationale for their choices!


Pan Am Mascot Ambassador Secures Position Thanks to Athletics

Jacquelyn and Pachi the mascot

I graduated from the University of Waterloo in June of 2014 and always had the dream of moving to Toronto after earning my degree. After graduating in Honours Sociology with a Business and Technology Specialization, and a Drama Minor, I moved to Toronto in January 2015 with the career aspiration of going into Sports and Events Marketing.

Artistic Director of KW Glee Leads Choir to National Victory

Amanda Kind portraitAlumni Relations had the opportunity to ask alumna Amanda Kind (BA ’06, Music) about her role as Artistic Director for KW Glee. The youth pop choir of 112 combined local teenagers who just won the title of Show Choir Canada and performed three sold-out shows this June.

In your role as Artistic Director for KW Glee, what are some of your main responsibilities?


Finding Confidence in Entrepreneurship

Michaela portrait imageIt’s hard to believe that after five years, I am simply done my Psychology and Business degree at the University of Waterloo. No more lining up to buy textbooks, attending lectures, cramming studying for midterms. After all those days and nights sweating over whether or not I would ever graduate, I can’t believe I’m here.

Years to remember

Chase portrait imageIn high school I spent many nights debating whether to study design or business. I made the decision to apply and attend the Arts and Business Co-op program at the University of Waterloo, fulfilling my desire to study both art and business. The ability to shape my own program, complimented with the co-op experience, has shaped the person I have become today, that person being a wildly happy and passionate entrepreneur.

Alumnus and Son Release App for Father’s Day

Mark and Liev

Father’s Day is a bit of a big deal to me. Not big celebrations or presents or anything, just a day of quiet pride of being a dad.

This year however, my five-year old Liev and I have made it an even bigger deal, by marking the occasion with the release of our first app.

Discovering what being a UWaterloo alumnus means to me

Entrepreneurship Society logo

During my time at UWaterloo, I’ve picked up a lot of titles. President of Entrepreneurship Society at UWaterloo has been the main title I’ve associated myself with over the last year - probably because this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my university career.