Alumni Gold Medal

On the recommendation of the Dean of a Faculty or the Dean of Graduate Studies, Alumni Relations is pleased to recognize the academic achievements of graduating students by awarding Alumni Gold Medals during the University’s convocation ceremonies. At the spring ceremonies, one undergraduate representing each of Waterloo’s six faculties receives this prestigious award. During the fall ceremonies, medals are presented to a masters and doctoral student. 

Carefully crafted on campus in state-of-the-art labs, each uniquely dated and numbered medal is created out of nickel super alloy using a 3D printer. The surface is finished by hand to produce a brilliant shine. Through the process of electroplating, the medal is then coated in 24-carat gold. The result is a tribute to Waterloo’s most accomplished graduates, made for each proud recipient by members of the University community.


2019 recipients


Spring Convocation

Mathuiri SithganesanMathuiri Sithganesan, BSc
Faculty of Applied Health Science

Mia YangMia Yang, BAFM
Faculty of Arts


Isaac De VlugtIsaac De Vlugt, BSc
Faculty of Science

Laura Marie BingemanLaura Marie Bingeman, BASc
Faculty of Engineering


(Not pictured)

Ben Crooks, BES
Faculty of Environment

(Not pictured)

Sina Abbasi, BMath
Faculty of Mathematics