The 16th Annual President’s Golf Tournament

Friday, June 24, 2016

Mady Palmer on the golf course holding a sign with her face on it

Written by Madlynn Palmer (Fourth Year, Recreation and Leisure Studies)

On June 7th, 2016 I celebrated in the 16th Annual President’s Golf Tournament with my fellow student-athletes and supporters of Warrior athletics at the Westmount Golf and Country Club. This is my third year volunteering in this spectacle—yes, it really is a spectacle! As a fourth year Recreation and Leisure Studies student I have truly seen the athletics program grow year after year due to the increasing support we get, particularly from the supporters of the annual President’s Golf Tournament.

Volunteering for this special event meant that I got to meet some of UWaterloo’s most influential alumni, and others who generously contribute to Warrior Athletics year after year. Throughout the tournament I was situated at hole 12, where I anxiously waited to meet the alumni and donors.  It was interesting to hear about the alumni’s experiences and the experiences they wish they could have had. They asked me about the University’s sports teams, and were genuinely interested in how my swim team did this year, and wanted to know what was in store for next year. This tournament gave me the opportunity to share my student-athlete experience with amazing alumni, and it gave them a better understanding of how their funds are supporting our University, my swim team, and our Warrior team as a whole. Hearing the donor’s stories and learning about their careers and the positions they hold also allowed me to understand why they continue to support Warrior athletics.

All the volunteers from the President's Golf Tournament

As a student-athlete, volunteering in this tournament was an incredible experience. I was given the opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with alumni for three consecutive years.  Reconnecting with alumni has enabled me to see my growth both in athletics and academics. It has also allowed me to create an incredible network of strong and influential professionals which is extremely beneficial since I’m an upper year student about to enter the workforce.

This tournament has opened my eyes to the opportunities that alumni and donors have provided for me and my fellow Waterloo Warriors. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that all of the people that were present at this function were there to support Warrior athletics and my student-athlete experience. It is because of these donors that we have scholarships and student experience opportunities, along with an increase in support around Waterloo’s varsity athletics.  I am honoured to have volunteered in this tournament and to have met so many amazing people. The 16th Annual President’s Golf Tournament was an overwhelming success.

Special thanks to Fitbit for being the Presenting Sponsor of the President’s Golf Tournament. The company, founded by alumnus Eric Migicovsky (BASc '09), donated a Pebble watch to everyone that attended the event and helped UWaterloo raise over $90,000 for student athletics.

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