Giving Back – How it Benefits Your Community

Friday, February 28, 2014

Written by Tony Tang, BMath ‘12 

They always say that we, as people, should always look for meaningful ways to give back, contribute to things that have provided us with the opportunities to where we are today, and create a stronger sense of community among like-minded people.

I’m a proud #UWaterloo Mathematics alumnus living here in San Francisco. Being involved with the @uWaterloo Alumni Association has definitely allowed me to reconnect with former classmates now living in the Silicon Valley working in #tech, generate new professional or personal relationships and learn about the university’s growing presence in the Bay Area. Contributing to this group of alumni provides me with the chance to give back to my alma-mater, volunteer and help like-minded people, and have a great time with fellow Canadians!

One of the best ways to contribute to the University of Waterloo is to simply recommend, create, or generate more ways to hire students and alumni. With a strong engineering, computer-science, and mathematics talent pool from a top-class school, our alumni and students make well-rounded, technically-sound candidates for internships, software engineering roles, analytic opportunities, or consulting positions in an entry or senior level capacity. Getting in touch with in-house recruiters, having them formulate an on-campus recruitment strategy and educating them on the ease of Canadian TN Visas are all excellent ways to promote Waterloo in all the major tech firms and startups in San Francisco.

Another great method to promote talent, build brand equity and strengthen the University of Waterloo reputation in the Bay Area is to promote our alma-mater through donations. Providing a small monthly amount not only shows my dedication to the school that’s given me so much knowledge and skills, but also demonstrates my willingness to help current students get the same quality education, infrastructure and resources I had during my time at UWaterloo. Giving the university some of what I earn on a regular basis helps UWaterloo produce even higher caliber graduates that can then fuel the talent pool coming out to California, Canada, or anywhere else in the world. This in-turn provides more value to our University of Waterloo degrees, increases its prestige, and produces more top-quality, job-ready, and career driven graduates.

Giving back to UWaterloo is a great way to stay connected with my #Canadian roots, form new professional and personal relationships and create new career opportunities for fellow Engineering, Computer Science, and #Mathematics alumni. Providing donations can generate more top-quality, high-quality graduates ready to take on careers all over the world.