From Investment Banking to Financial Technology

Friday, November 11, 2016

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Written by Han Ryoo (BMath '09)

Like many of my peers, my time at the University of Waterloo can be summarized as a unique juxtaposition of science and innovation. Personally, my math and business double degree gave me excellent insight into both sides of the entrepreneurial equation: the tangible and intangible. I used my time here to pick the brains of some of the brightest engineers and entrepreneurs in Canada, leaving lasting impressions that have stayed with me throughout my career.

After graduating from UWaterloo’s Mathematics and Business Administration double degree program, I joined a preeminent Canadian investment bank, where I specialized in corporate bond origination, leading $30+ billion in deals for over 40 multinational corporations.

What I learned was that, although the bond market was significantly larger than the stock market, there is often little mention of it outside of the industry. The market itself has gone almost unchanged for decades, while high-tech innovation has been driving the proverbial stock market.

It is with this notion of improving the bond market in mind that my business partner Vuk and I forgone our corporate careers to purse a fintech venture, Overbond.

What most people don’t know, is that, the capitalistic economies that are the cornerstone of all prosperity in this world, operate within a gigantic industry of bond trading, that currently operates in an antiquated and dated fashion. Overbond is going to change that.”

 – President of Morrison Financial

When I returned to Waterloo this June, I reminisced over fond memories of late nights studying, lifelong friends, and most importantly, the innovative culture. The people have changed. New buildings are in the place of old ones. Yet, the culture, nevertheless, lives on.

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With Overbond’s technological roots, hosting a Hackathon at UWaterloo seemed the natural solution. Over a weekend of rigorous hacking, we were stunned by the contestants’ brilliant methods and elegant code. Given a computationally heavy networking problem, the solutions submitted far surpassed our expectations, reinforcing my belief that Waterloo is at the forefront of innovation and technology in Canada. As an avid believer of nurturing talent, Overbond aims to actively recruit from the University of Waterloo, providing students and alumni alike the unique opportunity to work at one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in Canada.

Read more about Overbond Hackathon here.

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