Thre3peat: the Business Behind the Party

Friday, March 17, 2017

Jasmin and Eli with their game Thre3peat

Written by Jasmin de Waard (BA ’14) and Eli de Waard (BA ’14)

My husband Eli and I graduated from the University of Waterloo's Honours Arts and Business Co-op program in 2014. We have always been interested in innovation and entrepreneurship so this program suited us very well. While still attending UWaterloo, we played a game that we liked but thought we could make better and more convenient for others to play, so we formed a partnership with Eli's brother, Camren, and his wife, Krissy, to do just that. We did our market research, trialed the game, added some creative twists, and now have the final product, Thre3peat. After a few setbacks, we are happy to have Thre3peat available for families to purchase online and in stores.

It is a great party game that incorporates describing, acting, and using one word in order for teams to work together and guess words that they themselves have written. You repeat the same words for all three rounds, hence the name Thre3peat. Every game is different and each game is personalized to the group of individuals playing it, which makes it a great game for all groups and ages. We have learned a lot through this process about knowing your market and presenting your product well in order to get it out there.

Eli and I both feel strongly that our UWaterloo education has given us the knowledge and skills that have helped make this possible. While attending UWaterloo, we were provided with an education that challenged us and motivated us to be better. Seeing what other UWaterloo alumni and the professors themselves have accomplished inspired us to take calculated risks and be innovative ourselves. In one of our business classes, our professor had us study various inventions people had created both successfully and unsuccessfully and we discussed why those ideas failed or succeeded. Eli and I left that class eager to one day be an example of a successful business. A few years after graduating, we are on our way to do just that with Thre3peat. We are still at the beginning of this journey but look forward to where it will lead us and the valuable lessons we will learn along the way. 

Thre3peat board game

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Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.