The Waterloo Way to Being an Alumnus

Friday, October 18, 2013

photo of yen sitting with jenn in alumni shirts

Written by Yen Ho, BA 2013

Previously, I was a co-op student in the Alumni Relations office and one of my main responsibilities was managing and supporting event logistics for convocation. While it wasn’t my time to cross the stage, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team bringing the university community together to celebrate this milestone in the lives of Waterloo’s newest graduates.

Being on the other side prior to graduation, I saw LOTS of smiles, laughs, and tears from new alumni and their family and friends.

Fast forward to 2013 and it was finally my turn to cross that black and yellow stage (and not fall in front of the President and esteemed guests!). Convocation was an exciting moment for me to savour – and to be honest, I felt more organized and prepared when I was managing event logistics than I did as an attendee. But once I stepped within the Ring Road, I knew I had nothing to worry about.

I always knew that after leaving Waterloo I would remain one of its greatest advocates. I proudly carry my Waterloo water bottle around to meetings and hang all my keys on a Waterloo lanyard which serves as a real conversation starter with colleagues at work. More importantly, I share my Waterloo experience with others in the hopes they choose to attend my alma mater or make the most of their experience while in school – this was a promise I made back in 2010 in the alumni e-newsletter and Daily Bulletin. I reiterate what I’ve always believed – alumni provide the strongest testimonials as they experienced being a Warrior in one of the world’s most intelligent communities.

With a global alumni community, I hope everyone stays connected so a little piece of Waterloo touches all corners of the world. Whether it’s through sharing your own experiences, encouraging bright minds to build their futures at Waterloo, or financially supporting research, academic programs, or student projects, there are so many opportunities for alumni to stay connected. While I’m sure many alumni look to the benefits and perks as one way to say, “Yes I AM a Waterloo alumnus!” take a moment to think of an innovative way to remain connected. That is, after all, the Waterloo way.

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