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Please complete the information below so we can correctly identify you and record your preferences. It may take up to 5 working days to update your file, so if you choose not to receive some items, you may continue to receive them for a short while after you complete this form.

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If you and your partner/spouse have asked to receive only one copy of University of Waterloo mail addressed to both of you, the printed mail preferences indicated on this form will be applied to both of your files. If your marital status has changed please tell us in the notes section at the bottom of the page.

Communications webform

Affinity partner mailings

We choose affinity partners that we believe provide valuable services, at competitive or discounted prices, that you may not be able to access elsewhere. They also generate revenue to fund Alumni events, services and publications such as Homecoming, Waterloo Magazine, Waterloo Alumni e-community and the Alumni Career Advisor.

Communications web form
Please note: your preferences will be recorded on the alumni database which is accessed by both the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Office of Support.