Fees and application

Students admitted in the Geography and Aviation (Faculty of Environment) or the Science and Aviation (Faculty of Science) programs will be subjected to the regular system of study tuition fees in each of those programs.

In 2017, the tuition fees are approximately $3,210/term for Canadian citizen or permanent resident fees and $12,415/term for international students. Learn more about tuition and other fees.

In addition to the tuition fees, students are required to cover the total cost of the flight training at Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC), which is projected to be approximately $77,000 in total (over the 3 years of flight training). The flight training costs are paid directly to WWFC.

Note: WWFC strives to keep the program pricing consistent with the indicated costs. However, pricing is subject to change based on aircraft insurance rates, fuel prices and other aircraft fee changes.

Out of the 20.0 course units required to graduate from the program, 5.0 course units are transfer credits from WWFC. This results in tuition savings of approximately $6,420* for Canadian citizen or permanent resident and $24,830* for international students than if obtaining an undergraduate degree (regular system of study) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) separately.

*Based on tuition fees in 2017.

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