Pasca Poupart
519-888-4567 x36239
DC 2514

Research Interests:

  • Machine learning and reasoning under uncertainty (artificial intelligence, computational statistics, decision and control theory)

  • Health informatics (assistive technologies, behaviour recognition, smart walkers, Alzheimer’s monitoring)

  • Natural language understanding (dialogue management, semantic analysis)

Google Scholar

[National Post] May 11, 2018, weighs in on how Google's A.I. personal assistant sparks concerns about future of communication

[The Record] May 8,2018, have ties with a new Montreal sports analytics research lab in Kitchener

[Markets Insider] February 5, 2018 "Borealis AI increases brain power by adding top AI talent"

[The Globe and Mail] February 4, 2018 "How we can leverage AI to bridge academia and business"

[Waterloo Stories] April 12, 2013 "Breaking the fall: Smart walker will help prevent injuries"

Application Areas→Healthcare Systems, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Wearable Devices; Technology Areas→Computational Modeling, Machine Learning/AI; Discipline Areas→Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Nanotechnology; Faculty→Mathematics

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