Module 3: Biomedical Commercialization

Trainees will gain first hand knowledge of the medical device industry through our biomedical commercialization training modules. 

  • Regulatory Aspects and Standards will provide trainees with fundamentals related to the classification and regulation of medical devices in global biomedical industries.
  • Biomedical Ethics and Clinical Evaluations will introduce trainees to the principles and process of ethics approvals and methodologies to design data collection studies.
  • Entrepreneurship and Commercialization will allow trainees to explore the process of venture creation and market strategy.
  • Innovation and Challenges in Biomedical Technologies will provide opportunities for trainees to learn from industrial and clinical partners through the presentation of case studies and panel discussions.

Master students must complete 7 hours of at least 2 of the following courses, and PhD students must complete all 4 courses listed below. A sign-off sheet for each event including a reflection paragraph must be uploaded to the LEARN Dropbox account.

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