BioMedInnov Summer School and Biohackathon

The French-Canadian BIOMEDInnov Summer School will take place June 18 to 22, 2018, and will engage students designing innovative new technologies for health and medicine.   The program focuses on needs-driven design to develop clinically relevant biomedical technologies. Travelling to France to attend the summer school are 22 students (from all universities) and 6 researchers from the University of Waterloo who were involved in the international exchange.

The program is supported by a 130, 000 EUR FormInnov grant to the researchers at the Sorbonne University (UPMC), UTC, and Centre d’études littéraires et scientifiques appliquées (CELSA) and the University of Waterloo. 


                                  UW and Sorbonne Researchers, France 
The five day program consists of research presentations, workshops, lectures and seminars by professionals, French and Canadian biomedical start-up companies, and industry sponsor Medtronic. Stakeholders including clinicians and patients are invited to share their experience, define their needs and issues, and will engage with students as they work together on an innovation project in a hackathon format.  Workshops will cover engineering design and design thinking, agile methods, prototyping, technology acceptance, standards, regulations, economics, entrepreneurship, and legal and ethical aspects of biomedical devices. The event will conclude with a bio-hackathon competition that puts into practice the knowledge and skills learned through the week.  
The Waterloo participation in the summer school program is sponsored by CBB through an International Research Partnership grant. Mitacs has awarded some students from Waterloo Globalink research awards that will accommodate their travel for their research experience in France, including the summer school

summer school

                                June summer school Student presentations Day 1, France

#BioMedInnov Summer School and Biohackathon Highlights

  • 103 participants during 5 days program in France
  • Bioengineering companies and participating startups MEDTRONIC, Medella Health, Equisense, Healsy and Senior@dom
  • Medical presentations on cardiovascular and aging issues, and courses for bio‐hackathon on strategy, design, Goldilocks prototyping, ethical issues, needs finding, HIS, interaction design and standards
  • Research presentations, lab visits, round-table, and a closing biohackathon event

June summer school participants, France