Congratulations to the Graham Seed Fund recipients

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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This fall, the University of Waterloo’s Health Initiatives team launched the Graham Seed Fund (GSF) and invited researchers to submit their proposals for innovative health-care solutions. The GSF strengthens the University’s health system partnerships by providing resources for collaborating directly with a full range of health providers and clinicians. Ten research proposals have been selected from the 34 that were received. The research projects will receive funding to develop health care solutions and seven of these projects are from CBB members! The recipient researchers span across five Waterloo faculties and the partnerships range from local hospitals and provincial health care providers to industry partners and international universities and organizations. The GSF is made possible from the J.W. Graham Trust Endowment Fund. Visit the Transformative Health Technologies website to learn more about the fund.

Waterloo researchers are transforming health care, particularly in health technology. Collaborating with industry partners enables our researchers to innovate with purpose and bring solutions to the market for real-world impact.

Professor Catherine Burns, Associate Vice-President of Health Initiatives and CBB Founder.

CBB members who received a Graham Seed Fund:

Alexander Wong, Faulty of Engineering

  • AI for identifying and addressing inequities in the health systems to improve patient outcomes
  • Grand River Hospital (Partner)

Mahla Poudineh, Faculty of Engineering

  • A new transdermal patch to continuously and without pain track and treat diabetes
  • Grand River Hospital, McMaster University, Google (Partners)

Anita Layton, Faculty of Mathematics

  • Clinical risk assessment tool for diabetic kidney disease in youth with type 2 diabetes
  • University of Toronto, University of Colorado, NorthShore University Health System (Partners)

Charity Oga-Omenka, Faculty of Health

  • Development of a website for TB care linkages between the public and private sector providers in Nigeria
  • TB Public-Private Mix Learning Network, Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (Partners)

Monica Maly, Faculty of Health

  • Electronic-free, closed-loop soft robotic regenerative system for assisting people living with knee osteoarthritis
  • Arthritis Society Canada (Partner)

Ben Thompson, Faculty of Science

  • Enhancing adherence to amblyopia treatment using social robotics
  • University of Waterloo Optometry Clinic (Partner)

Veronika Magdanz, Faculty of Engineering

  • Microrobotic chemolytic kidney stone removal
  • University Hospital Barcelona, University of Balearic Islands, Devicare (Partners)

This is an excerpt originally published on the Waterloo News website.