Your degree requirements can be satisfied without taking any extra courses, however, you may wish to take an extra course for an option or minor, to clear a failure, or out of interest.

Taking an extra course does not reduce your course load for a future regular academic term. The extra course does not count in your average. To enrol in an extra course, submit a completed Course Override Form to the Undergraduate Coordinator.

The following guidelines apply to taking an extra course:

On an academic term:

  • You must have earned a 75% average on your last academic term.
  • There is no fee to take an extra course.

On a co-op work term:

  • You must have earned a 65% average on your last academic term.
  • There is a fee to take an extra course on a work term. The approximate cost for domestic students is $1,500 per course.
  • Remember that your top priority is your co-op job. Check with your supervisor before enrolling in an extra course that requires attending class during the workday.

Coding an extra course

The extra course must be coded so that it does not count in your average. Determine which code applies to your extra course and inform the Undergraduate Coordinator.

  • DRNA (Degree Requirement, Not in Average): the course will be used as a complementary or technical elective or taken to clear a failure or for an option. DRNA courses count in the cumulative fail count.
  • NRNA (Not a Degree Requirement, Not in Average): the course is taken for interest or to count toward a minor. You can check with the appropriate department (e.g., ECON) to see if they will accept the course if you wish to count it as an elective as well. If so, it could be coded DRNA.
  • TRIA (Term Requirement, In Average): the course is to be applied toward the Accelerated Master’s Program. It will be taken as part of your full-term requirements and counted in your average, but not needed to meet your program requirements. If you take the grad course as a sixth course, then it should be coded NRNA.

Previous failed terms 

  • If your previous term is a failed term, you cannot register for courses as per the Examinations and Promotions rule: “a failed term academic decision requiring that the student repeat the most recent term”. You must stay out a minimum of two terms before repeating."
  • You will need to discuss your plans and intentions for your undergrad career with your Undergrad Advisor if you wish to take a course during your work term.