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Single and Sexy, a play written and performed by University of Waterloo students, is known as the highlight of Orientation and addresses many situations that first-year students face when they live on their own for the first time.

Single and Sexy replaces the traditional lecture with a high energy, entertaining, non-judgmental, powerful performance and is recommended by staff, faculty, upper-year students and many community-based agencies. The play addresses issues that range from homesickness to abusive relationships to sexuality and shifting values.

Single and Sexy 2018 Cast

Audition #8 - John Krukowski

Audition #9 - Christina McArthur

Audition #11 - Abbi Longmire

Audition #15 - Luke Froese

Audition #21 - Emma Marcanio

​Audition #26 - Vanessa Lieu 

Audition #30 - Nicholas Richardson

Audition #32 - Jeremy Rutledge

Stage Manager - Rebecca Reid

Thank you to all students that auditioned.  


Sandra Gibson, Manager of Health Education
Health Services, University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 ext. 36358

2017 Cast

2017 cast members


Single & Sexy reviews

“I'm glad we saw it as a family. It gives us an opening to discuss some of these things with our daughter." - Parent

“High energy! This is the way it really happens." - First-year student

“Brilliant - entertaining and contemporary. It certainly beats the old dry, sex lecture. Bravo." - Planned Parenthood, Waterloo Region


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