Single and Sexy logoSingle and Sexy, a play written and performed by University of Waterloo students, is known as the highlight of Orientation and addresses many situations that first-year students face when they live on their own for the first time.

Single and Sexy replaces the traditional lecture with a high energy, entertaining, non-judgmental, powerful performance and is recommended by staff, faculty, upper-year students and many community-based agencies. The play addresses issues that range from homesickness to abusive relationships to sexuality and shifting values.

Single and Sexy 2019 auditions

Thank you to all students that auditioned for the 2019 production of Single & Sexy. Two roles have not been cast at this time as two actors/performers are still being considered.

Please see the list of students that are being offered a role at this time:

Abbi Longmire

Samantha Mirandola

Nicholas Richardson

Alexander Douglas Ewing

Mickey Dyke

Abigail Klassen 

Duncan Rolston

Stage Manager: Shamanta Haider

Please email Sandra Gibson to accept your offer as a cast member for Single & Sexy 2019.

You must be available for all rehearsal and performance dates (August 11th, 2019 to September 3rd, 2019 including Labour Day weekend).


Single and Sexy 2018 cast and crew

Cast - All cast members are University of Waterloo students2018 cast

  • Emma Marcanio, Arts and Business 
  • Jeremy Rutledge, Computer Science
  • Vanessa Lieu, Kinesiology
  • Madeline Lehmann, Biology
  • Nicholas Richardson, Mathematical Physics
  • Abbi Longmire, Theatre and Performance
  • Luke Froese, Chemistry


  • Sandra Gibson, Producer
  • Lisa Hagen, Director
  • Rebecca Reid, Stage Manager
  • John Krukowski, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Steve Lehmann, Music Consultant
  • Jennifer Wright, Dance Choreographer
  • Rebecca Petrosino, Wardrobe Designer


Sandra Gibson, Manager of Health Education
Health Services, University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 ext. 36358

2017 Cast

2017 cast members


Single & Sexy reviews

“I'm glad we saw it as a family. It gives us an opening to discuss some of these things with our daughter." - Parent

“High energy! This is the way it really happens." - First-year student

“Brilliant - entertaining and contemporary. It certainly beats the old dry, sex lecture. Bravo." - Planned Parenthood, Waterloo Region


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