Bruce and Grey Counties, Ontario

CIW Engagement

Bruce and Grey Counties are located in southern Ontario; both home to small urban and rural communities. In collaboration with multiple partners across both Counties, the CIW collected and analyzed data outlining the current wellbeing of residents in both Counties. 

Bruce and Grey County Community Wellbeing Survey

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From May to July 2018, the South Grey Community Health Centre, along with Bruce and Grey Counties, launched the Live Well in Bruce & Grey Counties Community Wellbeing Survey. Both Counties will use the survey results to develop and improve services and supports for people living in their Counties. The survey included focused questions in the CIW's eight defined domains of wellbeing. The CIW analyzed data from the survey's responses and prepared two reports. Both outline the results of the survey and will be used to facilitate conversations aimed at developing innovative solutions to pressing challenges that affect quality of life at both the local community and County levels. 

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Report #1: A Summary of Results from the CIW Community Wellbeing Survey (PDF)

  • This report highlights initial findings from the survey data. It provides a demographic profile of residents and measures overall wellbeing in the form of summary and descriptive analyses. 

Report #2: Report #2 Powerpoint: A Closer Look at CIW Community Wellbeing Survey Results for Bruce and Grey Counties (PPT)

Report #2 Powerpoint (in PDF format): A Closer Look at CIW Community Wellbeing Survey Results for Bruce and Grey Counties (PDF)

  • This second report provides a more in-depth look at the results of the survey across the CIW domains as well as barriers to wellbeing for marginalized groups. The PowerPoint format provides flexibility for easy interpretation and use of these results.  

Community Outreach

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