Further Education Workshops

The Centre for Career Action (CCA) Further Education advising team offers workshops by request. We look forward to working with faculties and departments across campus to facilitate customized group workshops on further education topics. Suggested topics include:

Submit your request a minimum of three weeks prior to the preferred dates to allow for scheduling and workshop customization to meet the goals of your group. Please note that all requests submitted through the Workshop Request Form are processed on a first come, first served basis.

For further information, contact Kathryn Fedy.

Workshop Descriptions

“Program” 101

Learn what it takes to be successful in a career path that requires further education, such as counselling, medicine or teaching. Topics include:

  • Competitive grades

  • High-value experiences

  • Planning and application timelines

  • Other aspects of preparing to apply

Examples include Medical School 101 for Applied Health Sciences (AHS) students and Grad School 101 for graduating students.

Is Grad School Right For Me?

Explore reasons for pursuing graduate school, different types of graduate programs and how to find a supervisor.

This workshop can be general for a large group of students or tailored for a specific type of graduate study such as Master of Finance. Examples include Is Grad School Right For Me? as a custom option for Environment students, AHS students, and various student societies.

Health Careers Discernment

Take the next steps in your journey to a career in healthcare and decide which path is right for you. Topics include:

  • The information you need to make an informed decision

  • How to keep your options open

  • The differences between health career options

  • How to find shadowing and volunteer experiences

  • And any other aspect of selecting your health career

Health Careers Discernment can be customized for specific professions like rehabilitative health care, or may take an in-depth look at an entire field such as medicine.

Personal Statement Workshop Series

Learn how to prepare personal statements for graduate or professional school applications. Topics include:

  • What preparation will help you write an exceptional statement

  • How to create a unique document

  • How to decide which experiences to present

  • How to talk about your research interests

  • And any other aspect of preparing a personal statement

The Personal Statement Workshop Series can be customized for a field of study like physics, or for specific program types such as law. Write-in sessions with advisor support are also available.

Professional School Interview Days

Enhance your interview skills and learn how to prepare effectively for any specific type of professional school interview: standard or multiple mini interview (MMI). Topics include:

  • Common interview questions

  • Strategies for answering difficult questions

  • What interviewers look for in your response

  • Anxiety management

  • And any other aspect of preparing for a professional school interview

Professional School Interview Days can be customized to specific professions like pharmacy or medicine, follow a question and answer format, or include a simulated a panel interview for practice.

Interview Simulations

A hands-on workshop where we run a mock MMI for students to practice the entire interview process.

This interactive workshop can be customized to programs or areas of study.