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Any time you spend gaining new experiences, learning and/or strengthening skills is valuable, whether that's through volunteering, exploring a new hobby or taking a course.

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Learn the skills of the future

We’ve done the research! The Future Ready Talent Framework (FRTF) Resource Hub will help you understand what skills and competencies will set you up for success to become future-ready.


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Access and showcase your skills

What are skills...really? Discover different types of skills and how they can be learned and developed. If you aren’t sure how to identify and articulate the skills you already have, you can complete a skills development worksheet in CareerHub.


Build your skills

There are lots of ways you can use your time to continue building your résumé, including learning new skills, working on projects, or volunteering your time.

  • Enrol in the Digital Skills Fundamentals micro-courses. Learn the skills most needed in business today and tomorrow through micro-courses that will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of website development, digital and video marketing and problem analysis.
  • Identify and articulate your skills. Enrol in the Skills Identification and Articulation Workshop to learn how to identify the skills you are developing outside of the classroom and develop strategies for expressing these skills to target audiences, such as potential employers.
  • Enrol in a career development course. All students can enrol (for free!) in PD1: Career Fundamentals. In PD1, you will learn how to refine your résumé writing and interview skills and explore how career goals align with your values, skills and interests.
  • Consider volunteering. You can build your skills and add accomplishments to your résumé through volunteering. There are organizations who are looking for volunteers to help.
  • Take a course. Whether this is part of your academic programming or pursuing a personal interest, it’s always good to expand your knowledge base. Check out the offerings of free ivy league online courses.
  • Enhance your study skills. The Student Success Office offers learning resources on improved note-taking and how to study more effectively in university.
  • Learn on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning is available to Waterloo students at no cost.
  • Join a Meetup group. Grow connections in your areas of interest within relevant networks through Meetup groups that pique your curiosity.
  • Skills development planner: This planner will connect you to services, volunteer opportunities, and online resources best suited to an employability skill you would like to develop.