2017 Book Prize Winner and Shortlist

2017 Winner - Alice Weinreb

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Modern Hungers: Food and Power in Twentieth Century Germany(Oxford University Press) by Alice Weinreb has been awarded the Waterloo Centre for German Studies Book Prize for first books published in 2018.

The prize consists of a cash award of CAD $3,000.

2017 Shortlist

Women shaking hands with a soldier, black and white book cover

Katherine Stone. Women and National Socialism in Postwar German Literature: Gender, Memory, and Subjectivity (Camden House)

In recent years, historians have revealed the many ways in which German women supported National Socialism-as teachers, frontline auxiliaries, and nurses, as well as in political organizations (Camden House)

A woman and a soldier, black and white book cover

Lisa M. Todd. Sexual Treason in Germany during the First World War (Palgrave Macmillan)

Provides the first comprehensive study of sexual lives in Germany and German-occupied Europe during the First World War (Palgrave Macmillan).

A family eating metal objects book cover.

Alice Weinreb. Modern Hungers: Food and Power in Twentieth Century Germany (Oxford University Press)

The first book to show how hunger has been central to German politics throughout the twentieth century (Oxford University Press).

Colourful cartoon person sitting at a desk with book shelf in background book cover

Erica Wickerson. The Architecture of Narrative Time: Thomas Mann and the Problems of Modern Narrative (Oxford University Press)

An original view on how an analysis of time in literature can open our eyes to how we express human experience (Oxford University Press).

A band playing on stage

Jonathan O. Wipplinger. The Jazz Republic: Music, Race, and American Culture in Weimar Germany (University of Michigan Press)

Examines jazz music and the jazz artists who shaped Germany’s exposure to this African American art form from 1919 through 1933 (University of Michigan Press). 

People digging in the dirt book cover

Jenny Wüstenberg. Civil Society and Memory in Post-war Germany (Cambridge University Press)

An analysis of the decades-long struggle over memory and democracy shows how grassroots actors challenged and then took over public institutions of memorialization (Cambridge University Press).