Oral History Project Timeline

The Waterloo Centre for German Studies' Oral History Project began in 2013 and has been a team effort involving over 60 contributors to conduct and process over 100 interviews. They’ve participated on one or more of the following teams:

The timeline below shows the highlights of this project.

  1. 2013
    1. Jul
      1. Ethics Application

        The WCGS handed in the ethics application to receive approval to conduct the Oral History Project.

    2. Oct
      1. First Interview

        We conducted the first interview of the project.

  2. 2014
    1. Jul
      1. First Transcript Received

        The first draft of the first transcript was submitted.

  3. 2015
    1. Mar
      1. Last Interview for the Book

        We conducted our last interview - #110 - that would be included in the book.

    2. Jun
      1. The Last Transcript is In

        The first draft of transcript #110 was submitted.