Hertha Brichta Award for German Studies

Status: Active

Scholarship type: Masters, Doctoral

Category: Institutional

Term deadline: Winter

Program discipline: German/Russian, Arts

Award description: This prize is normally awarded annually to a graduate student in German Studies who is registered in either the MA or PhD program at the University of Waterloo or an outstanding applicant to one of these programs. Students must be nominated by a faculty member in February. The prize will be adjudicated by the German faculty of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies. This award was made possible by a generous estate gift from Mrs. Hertha Brichta.

Value: $1,000

Application/Nomination process type: Students nominated by the graduate officer of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies.

Contact: Please email the Germanic and Slavic Studies Administrative Assistant at gssadmin@uwaterloo.ca for further information regarding this award.