Marga I. Weigel German Study Abroad Award

The Marga I. Weigel German Study Abroad Awards are made possible by a donation from Dr. Marga I. Weigel, a proud UWaterloo alumna, to encourage Waterloo students to learn German and to increase transcultural interactions between Canada and the German-speaking world.

Up to five awards, valued at $1,000 each, will be provided annually to full-time University of Waterloo undergraduate students in any program who are participating in a recognized institutional Canadian-organized German language or cultural studies program abroad.

Eligibility and Selection

  • full-time UWaterloo undergraduate students enrolled in any program or Faculty who are participating in the Waterloo Summer Language School in Germany or its equivalent.
  • a minimum cumulative average of 75%.
  • a one-page letter explaining how knowledge of German language and culture will assist the applicant in realizing their career and professional goals. Please submit via the online application page.
  • application deadline March 1
  • the Waterloo Centre for German Studies will select recipients each March.


To apply for the Marga I. Weigel Award please fill out the online application:

Checklist to Apply

  1. One-page letter about why German will help you with your career and professional goals.
  2. Acceptance into the Waterloo Summer School Program or equivalent (if you have not received this yet, please indicate on your application).