2018 Book Prize Winner and Shortlist

2018 Winner - Michael E. O'Sullivan

2018 Book Prize Winner Logo

Disruptive Power: Catholic Women, Miracles, and Politics in Modern Germany, 1918-1965 (University of Toronto Press) by Michael E.O’Sullivan has been awarded the Waterloo Centre for German Studies Book Prize for first books published in 2018.

The prize consists of a cash award of CAD $3,000.

2018 Shortlist

A blue sky with white mountains book cover.

Moritz von-Brescius. German Science in the Age of Empire: Enterprise, Opportunity and the Schlagintweit Brothers (Cambridge University Press)

Vividly explores the dynamics and conflicts of transcultural exploration beyond colonial frontiers in Asia (Cambridge University Press).

Black and white picture of soldiers in a village book cover.

Brendan Karch. Nation and Loyalty in a German-Polish Borderland: Upper Silesia, 1848–1960 (Cambridge University Press)

In the bloody twentieth-century battles over Central Europe's borderlands, Upper Silesians stand out for resisting pressure to become loyal Germans or Poles (Cambridge University Press).

City at night with people walking book cover

Molly Loberg. The Struggle for the Streets of Berlin: Politics, Consumption, and Urban Space, 1914-1945 (Cambridge University Press)

In Germany, the First World War and 1918 Revolution transformed the city streets into the most important media for politics and commerce (Cambridge University Press).

A happy person dancing with people in background book cover

Jennifer A. Miller. Turkish Guest Workers in Germany:-Hidden Lives and Contested Borders, 1960s to 1980s (University of Toronto Press)

Tells the post-war story of Turkish "guest workers," whom West German employers recruited to fill their depleted ranks (University of Toronto Press).

A woman holding a jug in her right hand book cover

Diana M. Natermann. Pursuing Whiteness in the Colonies. Private Memories from the Congo Free State and German East Africa (1884-1914) (Waxmann)

Offers a new comprehension of colonial history from below by taking remnants of individual agencies from a whiteness studies perspective (Waxmann).

Back and white picture of a woman book cover.

Michael E.O’Sullivan. Disruptive Power:- Catholic Women, Miracles, and Politics in Modern Germany, 1918-1965 (University of Toronto Press)

Examines a surprising revival of faith in Catholic miracles in Germany from the 1920s to the 1960s (University of Toronto Press).

White background book cover with black text.

Robin Schulden-frei. Luxury and Modernism: Architecture and the Object in Germany 1900-1933 (Princeton University Press)

Exposes the disconnect between modernism’s utopian discourse and its luxury objects and elite architectural commissions (Princeton University Press).

A group of children in a black and white picture book cover

Sarah Thomsen Vierra. Turkish Germans in the Federal Republic of Germany. Immigration, Space, and Belonging, 1961–1990 (Cambridge University Press)

Explores the history of Turkish immigrants and their children from the early days of their participation in the post-war guest worker program to the formation of multi-generational communities (Cambridge University Press).