Reading Group: Book Swap & Reading Discussion

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

A row of books in the Dana Porter Library
Choose Your Own German Book!

This semester, instead of the Centre stipulating the book, we're leaving it up to you! So, read whatever German-related book you'd like, be it written by a German/Swiss/Austria author in whatever language you can easily read, or a novel that really interests you that's been translated into German, and bring it along to the meeting.

We'll do a "go-around" and introduce our books and share what we thought about them, and then we'll see where the conversation goes from there.

And More Books

We're incorporating a book swap with this meeting, so please feel free to bring along any other German books you think others might like to read and which you'd like to give away. (Whatever doesn't get chosen, though, has to go back home with you.)

Finding German-Language Books

If you're up to reading something in German, you have a few options:

  • The Kitchener Public Library has some German books you can borrow.
  • Many titles are also available on Kobo (Chapters) and Kindle (Amazon).
  • The UW Book Store may have a few in stock.
  • The Goethe-Institut has an e-book lending service called Onleihe. You must subscribe to participate, and the process takes about one business day.


To keep the evening on track and the discussion focused, participation is limited to 10 people. So please register by emailing us your name and confirming that you can attend. (And please email us if you aren't able to make it, so we can make room for someone else.)