Google Translate for Language InstructorsGoogle Translate – A Tool for Cheating or a Tool for Learning?(with Daniela Roth)

Online translation devices such as Google Translate (GT) are an annoyance in the second language classroom. Students often rely heavily on GT in class or when completing homework assignments, rather than, for example, putting in the time required to learn vocabulary. Although many language instructors explicitly ban GT from their courses, students continue using it. The truth is, GT will not go away, and its functionality will only improve.

Given our new remote teaching reality, now is a good time to shift our attitude towards Google Translate. How can we turn a tool used for cheating into a teachable moment where students make use of online translation services and dictionaries to raise their language awareness, to foster their intercultural competence and learner autonomy, and improve their electronic literacy and critical thinking skills? 

Based on current research, this webinar will discuss the benefits of integrating online translation devices in second language courses and offer examples on how they can develop the above-mentioned skills.  

Dr. Daniela Roth has experience teaching German as a second language at St. Mary’s University and Dalhousie University (Halifax) and at the Canadian Summer School in Germany (Kassel).

Hosted by the Centre for Teaching Excellence and the Waterloo Centre for German Studies, University of Waterloo

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