"Winnetou," Novalis, and more coming up this semester!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

We have several more events coming up this semester: mark your calendars!


Photo of Emilie FloegeThis fascinating exhibition delves into the history of Austrian women. It comes down tomorrow. Check it out before it travels to the University of Alberta!


Der Vortrag, gegeben von Michael Schart von Keio Universität Tokio/Yokohama, beschreibt anhand von Unterrichtsmaterialien und Transkriptionen unterrichtlicher Interaktion das dialogische Lernen mit Studierenden im ersten Lernjahr in einem Programm für Deutschlandstudien an einer japanischen Universität. Freitag, den 13. Oktober um 13.00 Uhr. Mehr Infos finden Sie hier.

Novalis Workshop with Joan Steigerwald

Headshot of Joan Steigerwald, York UniversityNovalis drafted The Novices at Sais between 1798 and 1799. He planned to reconceive it as a “truly symbolic novel of nature” in 1800, but left the work incomplete on his death, leaving us a rich series of questions to explore. Join us for a workshop on Saturday, November 25th.

Fall Reading Group: Winnetou I, by Karl May

We're going back to the Wild West, German style, with Karl May's Winnetou I (1893). In this first, and perhaps most famous, instalment of the Winnetou trilogy, German Old Shatterhand meets and develops a deep friendship with Apache chief Winnetou.

Our meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 28th, at 7PM at the historic Brubacher House. Registration is required. For full details, visit our event page.

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