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Women have far too often been forgotten, overlooked, and marginalised in Austria’s official historiography—a fact that lends all the more importance to this exhibition’s attempt to survey the past 200 years in light of the biographies of important Austrian women. Austrian women whose talents, willpower, and determined courage have helped shape and enrich their country.

Learn how a city was pushed to the edge during the First World War - to the point of changing its name from Berlin to Kitchener through a controversial and high-tension referendum.

Poster for photo exhibition, Dictatorship and Democracy

Revealing a total of 190 rare photographs, newspaper clippings and political cartoons from different European archives, the exhibition "Dictatorship and Democracy in the Age of Extremes" tells Europe's dramatic story of the 20th century – a past between freedom and tyranny, democracy and dictatorship.

In the spirit of Christmas giving we will be accepting donations on behalf of Kidsability, a charitable organization helping thousands of children and young adults who have developmental, physical and communication disabilities. All funds raised will go directly to programs helping these children discover their potential.