The influence of German filmmakers in Hollywood has been substantial. Genres such as the 1940s film noir or the 1950s melodrama owe a great deal to directors such as Fritz Lang, Douglas Sirk, and Billy Wilder, all of whom made their mark on Hollywood and film history.

This is the first annual (can it be annual if it's the first?) Golden Boar Awards. Far from boring, these short films were produced by students in German 101 and 102 and will be showcased this evening.

Anna Magdalena Kokits - Coast to Coast Tour

Anna Magdalena Kokits - Coast to Coast Tour

Award-winning Austrian pianist Anna Magdalena Kokits will play the following selection of pieces as part of her coast-to-coast tour during Canada 150.

The German Language Film Festival takes place in May and is a collection of three movies, one each from Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

May 17 - Austria: “Stefan Zweig - A Farewell to Europe” (Vor der Morgenröte)