Concern details

Truck drivers are required to perform circle checks of their tractor trailer. Included in the circle checks is checking the oil levels. This can be challenging in some trucks because the dip stick is not accessible from the ground so drivers have to climb onto the front tire to reach the dip stick. 
In addition, windshields can become so dirty that windshield wipers and an extended pole with squeegees do not to an effective job so drivers have to climb on the front of the tractor to clean their windshield. These tasks result in the following concerns:
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • High forces and awkward postures to climb tractor
  • High likelihood that drivers jump of the tractor which is a risk factor for knee and other joint injuries.
Another concern associated with performing these tasks is opening the tractor hoods.



  • Use squeegee with long handle to clean windshield from the ground.
  • Do not jump down from any raised surface.


  • Add steps and grab handles to improve accessibility to clean windshield.
  • Provide a removable step to improve access to engine compartment. See an example product.


  • Design engine compartment so oil dip stick and fluid check point can be easily accessed without climbing up.
  • Design truck hood so it is easy to open with minimal force.

Truck driver checks engine without removable step

Truck driver checks engine with removable step