The following resources are available for viewing/downloading. Some of these resources have been acquired as a result of client/patient handling community of practice webinars, conference presentations, or are resources/products created by CRE-MSD or the Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA). To view past webinars, go to the community of practice events page.

NEW! Transfer Equipment Resource: Considerations for Promoting Restorative Care and Optimal Client Function

In current practice, two-person transfers are often high-risk, resource-intensive activities that can limit opportunities for client mobility and independence. This resource supports regulated practitioners/assessors in considering a diverse range of available equipment when selecting transfer approaches. 

Preamble: transfer equipment resource (PDF)

Transfer equipment resource (PDF)

For more information about this resource, view the recording of this webinar: A Restorative Care Approach to MSD Prevention and Reducing Two-Person Transfers: A Resource to Support Provider Decision-Making - Part 2.

Evaluation of Mobility and Handling Training for Personal Support Workers

The Evaluation of Mobility and Handling Training for Personal Support Workers (PDF) is a framework that was developed with the engagement of the client/patient handling community of practice (CoP), comprised of over 800 healthcare providers from across the healthcare continuum. Funded by a CRE-MSD seed grant, this framework is designed to assist in evaluating mobility and handling training for personal support workers, with specific reference to sit-to-stand training (although the principles apply to other core skills). Core to this framework is its 'restorative approach' to care - engaging a client to the greatest possible extent in their own mobility and daily activities.

Critical sections of training identified are:

  • Content (e.g. core principles and knowledge on human movement; selection of approach for transfer with reference to the care plan; and physical preparation of environment, equipment and people)
  • Presentation and approach to training
  • Assessor's summary of caregiver's performance
  • Next steps for improving training

Download the framework: Evaluation of Mobility and Handling Training for Personal Support Workers (PDF)

Articles and fact sheets

Conference presentations

The following resources are presentations and videos from the October 26, 2015 conference Reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Healthcare Sector.

Presentations and videos

Case-based presentations

Back care and patient handling program

Transfers, assessments, tools, equipment

Project Uplift

The right fit

MSD mission impossible: Patient handling

Preventing back injury in healthcare: Development in patient handling and coaching tools

New hospital design for better client/patient handling