Our mission & vision

student standing on brooklyn bridge nyc


Inspire Waterloo students to connect to the possibilities in a continuously changing world of work. Enable them to bridge their academic and workplace knowledge. Challenge them to learn, grow and contribute wherever they go.

To accomplish our mission, in partnership with students, employers, faculty and staff, we:

  • facilitate, through a competitive employment process, access to meaningful work opportunities related to students’ academic studies and their aspirations.
  • open doors to diverse employment opportunities in Canada and internationally and draw employers to Waterloo’s rich talent pool.
  • support students in acquiring, reinforcing and enhancing the capabilities essential in a knowledge-driven economy and borderless workplace.


Demonstrate innovative, global leadership in co-operative education and career development, and position Waterloo as a top choice for students and employers.

We move closer to our vision when we:

  • collaborate with our partners to shape and promote UWaterloo’s thought leadership and best practices.
  • enhance and extend our services and capabilities to support the University’s goals in Canada and internationally.
  • foster a dynamic learning environment in CECA that sparks and celebrates new ideas and provides opportunities for all who work here to make a positive impact.

Guiding Principles

We value and honour our history and experience. We cultivate a culture of continuous improvement. We embrace change and new ideas.

To help us build on our successes and achieve new heights, we have identified these Business and Culture Guiding Principles.

Business Principles

  1. Leverage Waterloo’s breadth and depth of talent and opportunities for students and employers. We provide advice and service to students and employers for optimal success in a competitive recruiting process. We promote a broad array of programs to employers and continue to develop job opportunities for students. We act as partners and facilitators.
  2. Strive for excellence. We manage our systems and processes to maximize effectiveness and efficiency and provide quality service to all stakeholders –students, employers, faculty, staff and our team – based on a deep understanding of and respect for their needs and priorities.
  3. Add value and show how we do it. We manage our operations to both ensure and demonstrate value for student fees and communicate results clearly and regularly.
  4. Take accountability for results. We focus on outcomes, seek and incorporate ongoing feedback from stakeholders, and measure progress and performance regularly with clear metrics.
  5. Value our people. We expect ongoing capability development and enhancement in all CECA to keep pace with changing requirements and help staff realize their potential. We ensure staff have the tools and support required to be effective in their roles.

Culture Principles

  1. Work collaboratively. We think about the effects of our actions on other groups, getting their input ahead of key decisions, sharing information and working as an integrated team.
  2. Foster a ‘why not’ attitude. We actively consider new ideas, explore new horizons and work together to remove barriers. We encourage agile and timely responses to change.
  3. Spend sufficient time planning. We are proactive and do our best to avoid crisis situations. We formulate plans, strategies and sustainable approaches.
  4. Make decisions in a clear, inclusive manner. We gather relevant data ahead of time, engage the appropriate people in decisions, provide context to help people understand and then actively support departmental decisions once they are formally adopted.
  5. Recognize that conflict can be constructive. We welcome and respect opposing views, speak courageously in a productive manner and resolve conflict honestly.
  6. Communicate regularly. We communicate both formally and informally within the department to keep people in the loop, bring us closer as a team and offer opportunities for engagement in department business and decisions.
  7. Celebrate success. We take the time to honour the power of our team and our many individual and collective achievements.