C&O - Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series

William Tutte's 100th Distinguished Lecture Series

Due to popular demand with the series, we are continuing to offer one lecture each term. The next lecture happens November 2 with Sergey Norin.

During the Summer months (May - August) C&O is proudly organizing a distinguished lecture series in honour of William Tutte's 100th birthday. 

The series will present weekly talks by esteemed experts in one of C&O's core research areas. Talks take place every Friday, starting at 3:30pm in room 5501 of the Math & Computer (MC) Building.

Please find a list of the speakers below; information on their talks will be added as it becomes available. All talks are free and open to the public and no reservations are necessary.

Recordings of occurred talks are all available on the Department's YouTube Channel

For more information about the Tutte's Distinguished Lecture Series, contact the Department at: combopt@uwaterloo.ca 

Distinguished Lecture Series 

May 5, 2017

SpeakerGerard Cornuejols

Affiliation: Carnegie Mellon University

Area of Expertise: Operations Research

Professor Cornuejols

May 12, 2017

Speaker: Michel Goemans

Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Area of Expertise: Discrete Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization

Professor Goemans

May 19, 2017

Speaker: James Oxley

Affiliation: Louisiana State University

Area of Expertise: Matroid Theory and Graph Theory

Professor Oxley

May 26, 2017

Speaker: Julia Chuzhoy

Affiliation: Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Area of Expertise: Theoretical Computer Science, with a main focus on the Area of Approximation

Professor Chuzhoy

June 2, 2017

Speaker: Richard Stanley

Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Area of Expertise: Combinatorics

Professor Stanley

June 9, 2017

Speaker: Fan Chung Graham

Affiliation: UC San Diego

Area of Expertise: Graph Theory in the Information Age; Spectral Graph Theory; Quasi-random graphs; Unavoidable graphs and universal graphs; and Ramsey Theory

Professor Chung-Graham

June 16, 2017

Speaker: Gilles Brassard 

Affiliation: Université de Montréal

Area of Expertise: Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Teleportation; Quantum Entanglement Distillation; Quantum Pseudo-Telepathy & Classical Simulation of Quantum Entanglement

Professor Brassard

June 23, 2017

SpeakerFriedrich Eisenbrand

Affiliation: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Area of Expertise: Discrete Optimization, in particular in Algorithms and Complexity, Integer Programming, Geometry of Numbers, and Applied Optimization

Professor Eisenbrand

June 30, 2017

Speaker: Satoru Iwata

Affiliation: University of Tokyo 

Area of Expertise: Combinatorial Optimization and Chemoinformatics

Professor Iwata

July 7, 2017

Speaker: Carsten Thomassen

Affiliation: Technical University of Denmark

Area of Expertise: Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics

Professor Thomassen

July 14, 2017

Speaker: Mike Molloy

Affiliation: University of Toronto

Area of Expertise: Graph Theory and Probabilistic Computer Science 

Professor Mike Molloy

July 21, 2017

SpeakerMaria Chudnovsky

Affiliation: Princeton University

Area of Expertise: Graph theory and Combinatorics, with a main interest in Structural Graph Theory

Professor Chudnovsky

July 28, 2017

Speaker: Noga Alon 

Affiliation: Tel Aviv University (TAU)

Area of Expertise: Combinatorics, Graph Theory and their applications to Theoretical Computer Science. Combinatorial Algorithms and Circuit Complexity. Combinatorial Geometry and Combinatorial Number Theory. Algebraic and Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics.

Professor Alon

August 4, 2017

Speaker: Adrian S. Lewis

Affiliation: Cornell University 

Area of Expertise: Variational analysis and Nonsmooth Optimization, with a particular interest in Semi-Algebraic Optimization and Variational Properties of Eigenvalues

Professor Lewis

August 11, 2017

SpeakerArkadi Nemirovski

Affiliation: Georgia Tech

Area of Expertise: Optimization Theory and Algorithms, with emphasis on investigating Complexity and Developing Efficient Algorithms for Nonlinear Convex Programs, Optimization Under Uncertainty, Applications of Convex Optimization in Engineering, and Nonparametric Statistics.

Professor Arkadi Nemirovski

August 18, 2017

SpeakerGeorge E. Andrews

Affiliation: Pennsylvania State University

Area of Expertise: Analysis and Combinatorics

Professor Andrews