C&O graduates in spring 2013 convocation

Friday, June 14, 2013

Spring convocation

The following Combinatorics and Optimization students received their graduate degrees at the spring 2013 convocation. Congratulations to all and best of luck for the future!

Nabiha Asghar (MMath)

Grotzsch's Theorem (PDF)
Supervisor: Bruce Richter

Khodakhast Bibak (MMath)

Contributions at the Interface Between Algebra and Graph Theory
Supervisor: Nick Wormald

Danielle Drainville (MMath)

An Analysis of the Bitcoin Electronic Cash System (PDF)
Supervisor: Alfred Menezes

Mathieu Guay-Paquet (PhD)

Algebraic Methods and Monotone Hurwitz Numbers
Supervisor: Ian Goulden

Rohan Kapadia (PhD)

Modularity and Structure in Matroids
Supervisor: Jim Geelen

Mehdi Karimi (MMath)

A Quick-and-Dirty Approach to Robustness in Linear Optimization
Supervisor: Levent Tuncel

Edward Knapp (PhD)

On the Efficiency and Security of Cryptographic Pairings
Supervisor: Alfred Menezes

Yik (Roddy) Kok (MMath)

Implementing the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin Algorithm with NTL
Supervisor: David Jao

Yingkai Ouyang (PhD)

Transmitting Quantum Information Reliably across Various Quantum Channels
Supervisor: Debbie Leung

Maris Ozols (PhD)

Quantum Algorithms for Searching, Resampling, and Hidden Shift Problems
Supervisor: Andrew Childs and Debbie Leung

Devanshu Pandey (MMath)

Vehicle Routing: A Survey of Approximation Algorithm Techniques (PDF)
Supervisor: Jochen Koenemann

Donguk (David) Rhee (MMath)

Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon of Promotion on Rectangular Tableaux
Supervisor: Kevin Purbhoo

Jamie Smith (PhD)

Algebraic Aspects of Multi-Particle Quantum Walks
Supervisors: Chris Godsil and Michele Mosca

Leanne Stuive (MMath)

Single Commodity Flow Algorithms for Lifts of Graphic and CoGraphic Matroids
Supervisor: Bertrand Guenin

Rebecca Tessier (MMath)

Path Tableaux and the Combinatorics of the Immanant Function
Supervisor: David Jackson

Brandon Weir (MMath)

Homomorphic Encryption
Supervisor: Edlyn Teske-Wilson