C&O graduates in Spring 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The following C&O students will be awarded their graduate degrees at the Spring 2016 convocation on June 17. Congratulations to the students and their supervisors!

Garnet Akeyr (M.Math.)
Hurwitz Trees and Tropical Geometry
Supervisor: David McKinnon

Patrick Dornian (M.Math.)
Subdividing the cd-Index
Supervisor: Eric Katz

Cheolwon Heo (M.Math.)
Recognizing Even-Cycle and Even-Cut Matroids
Supvervisor: Bertrand Guenin

Nishad Kothari (Ph.D.)
Brick Generation and Conformal Subgraphs
Supervisors: Joseph Cheriyan and U.S.R. Murty

Jason LeGrow (M.Math.)
Post-Quantum Security of Authenticated Key Establishment Protocols
Supervisor: David Jao

Christopher Leonardi (M.Math.)
Key Compression for Isogeny-Based Cryptosystems
Supervisor: David Jao

Kenwrick Mayo (M.Math.)
A Primer on Cryptographic Multilinear Maps and Code Obfuscation
Supervisor: Alfred Menezes

Tor Myklebust (Ph.D.)
On Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms for Convex Optimization
Supervisor: Levent Tuncel

Anirudh Sankar (M.Math.)
Classical and Quantum Algorithms for Isogeny-Based Cryptography
Supervisor: David Jao

John Schanck (M.Math.)
Practical Lattice Cryptosystems: NTRUEncrypt and NTRUMLS
Supervisor: Michele Mosca

Yan Xu (M.Math.)
Rayleigh Property of Lattice Path Matroids
Supervisor: David Wagner