Hanmeng Zhan: Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Harmony Zhan
Hanmeng (Harmony) Zhan is the recipient of a 2015 University of Waterloo Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies honour. These honours were awarded to three University of Waterloo Master's students in Spring 2015.

Harmony completed her Master's thesis on Uniform Mixing on Caley Graphs over Z3d under the supervision of Professor Chris Godsil. Her work, which lies in the intersection of algebraic graph theory and quantum information theory, focuses on continuous-time quantum walks on graphs. She has written three research articles on uniform mixing on Caley graphsperfect state transfer in Laplacian quantum walks, and complex equiangular tight frames, and is preparing a fourth paper.

Harmony is now pursuing Ph.D. studies in the C&O department.