Technical reports - 1993

Convex analysis on the Hermitian matrices

CORR 1993-33

A. S. Lewis

Notes on the mod p ranks of finite projective planes

CORR 1993-32

D. de Caen and C. D. Godsil

A Study of Lu's Constructions for RB{v,k,\lambda}

CORR 1993-31

Therese C. Y. Lee and Steven C. Furino

Max-Min Eigenvalue Problems, Primal-Dual Interior Point Algorithms, and Trust Region Subproblems

CORR 1993-30

Franz Rendl*, Robert J. Vanderbei* and Henry Wolkowicz

Explicit Solutions for Interval Semi-definite Linear Programs

CORR 1993-29

Henry Wolkowicz

Problems in Algebraic Combinatorics

CORR 1993-28

Chris Godsil

Compact Graphs and Equitable Partitions

CORR 1993-27

Chris Godsil

Graphs of diameter two without small cycles

CORR 1993-26

Taojun Lu

Randomized \(\tilde{O}(M(N))\) Algorithms for Problems in Matching Theory

CORR 1993-25

Joseph Cheriyan

Further determinants with the averaging property of Andrews-Burge

CORR 1993-24

I. P. Goulden and D. M. Jackson

Consistency of Moment Systems

CORR 1993-23

A. S. Lewis

Superresolution in the Markov Moment Problem

CORR 1993-22

A. S. Lewis

Chromatic Sums Revisited

CORR 1993-21

W. T. Tutte

Interior-Point Methods for Max-Min Eigenvalue Problems

CORR 1993-20

Franz Rendl, Robert J. Vanderbei, and Henry Wolkowicz

Hadamard products of stable polynomials are stable

CORR 1993-19

Jurgen Garloff and David G. Wagner

A formulation for the genus series for regular maps

CORR 1993-18

D. M. Jackson and T. I. Visentin

Existence Results for Near Resolvable Designs

CORR 1993-17

Steven Furino

A Pseudo-Polynomial Complexity Analysis for Interior-point Algorithms

CORR 1993-16

Levent Tuncel

Trust Regions and Relaxations for the Quadratic Assignment Problem

CORR 1993-15

Stefan E. Karish, Franz Rendl, and Henry Wolkowicz

Lattice Paths and a Sergeev-Pragacz Formula for Skew Supersymmetric Functions

CORR 1993-14

A. M. Hamel and I. P. Goulden

The enumeration of trees with and without given limbs

CORR 1993-13

Taojun Lu

Extremal graphs with girth at least 5

CORR 1993-12

Taojun Lu

Equitable partitions

CORR 1993-11

C. D. Godsil

Resolvable BIBDs with Block Size 8 and Index 7

CORR 1993-10

Steven Furino, Malcolm Greig, Jianxing Yin, and Ying Miao

Constructions for (k,k - 1)-GDDs with Group Size k

CORR 1993-09

S. Furino and J. Yin

Convex Relaxations of 0-1 Quadratic Programming

CORR 1993-08

Svatopluk Poljak and Henry Wolkowicz

Largest 4-connected Components of 3-Connected Planar Triangulations

CORR 1993-07

Edward A. Bender, L. Bruce Richmond and Nicholas C. Wormald

Quotients of Association Schemes

CORR 1993-06

C. D. Godsil and W. J. Martin

Algebraic Matching Theory

CORR 1993-05

C. D. Godsil

Combinatorial constructions for integrals over normally distributed random matrices

CORR 1993-04

I. P. Goulden and D. M. Jackson

A Characterization of the Hamiltonian Complement Graphs on Line Graphs



Siming Zhan

Dual Kadec-Klee norms and the relationships between Wijsman, slice and Mosco convergence

CORR 1993-02

J. M. Borwein and J. Vanderwerff

Entropy Minimization, DAD Problems and Doubly-Stochastic Kernels

CORR 1993-01

J. M. Borwein, A. S. Lewis, and R. D. Nussbaum