Applying complexity science to real-world problems

What is WICI?

The Waterloo Institute for Complexity & Innovation (WICI) is a research hub that promotes the rigorous transdisciplinary study of innovation within — and the resilient and beneficial transformation of — the complex adaptive systems essential to human well-being.

  1. Oct. 2, 2017WICI Talk: Dr. Johan Koskinen -Analysing covert networks from unstructured sourcesProfessor Koskinen

    Understanding covert and criminal behaviour from a social network perspective is gathering increasing currency. While the standard social network paradigm assumes that network data has been collected though eliciting ties from respondents in a predefined set of individuals, covert networks pose obviously challenges in several respects. Firstly, the individuals in the network might not be known a prior. Secondly, what constitutes a relevant set of individuals and ties might be ambiguous.

  2. Oct. 25, 2017WICI Talk: Dr. Mark Crowley -Using Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning to Tame Spatially Spreading ProcessesMark headshot

    There have been broad advances in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) in the past decade, especially in the areas of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (RL) which allow us to more easily learn predictive models and control policies for large, complex systems than ever before. One subset of problems that remains very challenging are domains that contain some form of spatially spreading process (SSP) where some local features change over time across based on proximity in space.

  3. Feb. 27, 2018WICI Talk - Dr. Carla RestrepoDr. Carla Restrepo

     Dr. Carla Retrepo is a Professor at the College of Natural Sciences, Biology, UPR, Puerto Rico.

    She will be presenting her WICI Talk on February 27, 2018 from 2-4 p.m. in the Davis Centre Rm.1302

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