About Waterloo Institute for Complexity & Innovation (WICI)

What is WICI?

Welcome to the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation, or as we call it, WICI!  

WICI is a member-led and member-driven research and networking hub that promotes innovative training and application of complex systems tools and theories to address challenges essential to human well-being, including those at the intersection of society, health, and environment.

First established as a University of Waterloo Senate-approved research institute in 2010, WICI has built a network of complex-systems researchers, not just at the University of Waterloo, but across Canada, and strives to strengthen connections and knowledge dissemination within the global complex systems research community. We welcome diverse complex systems research approaches across disciplines in the sciences, arts, and humanities; connecting researchers with common methodological and domain interests. As we begin our third 5-year term in 2021, WICI will pursue and develop emerging opportunities focused on research collaborations, education and training, while continuing to offer a regular series of WICI Talks and/or Webinars, working groups, workshops, and small grant supports for complex systems research development.  As outlined in our WICI Five-Year Strategic Plan 2021-2025, our key intiatives and core research interests maintain strong alignment with the University of Waterloo's Strategic Plan for addressing global challenges at the intersection of society, environment and health. 

WICI at the intersection of Society, Environment and HealthPlease feel free to explore our site - learn more about what Complex Systems are, who our members are, and what resources have been or are currently available. Subscribe to our WICI Newsletter to get the latest news and upcoming events, or access our institutional reports for details on our past activities and accomplishments to date. You may also search for and view recordings from previous WICI Talks/Webinars anytime, and feel free to contact us if you wish to get involved or have any general questions. 

We look forward to connecting!

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