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Welcome from the WICI Director

Welcome to the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation!  

WICI is a member-led and member-driven organization.  We strive to build networks of complex-systems researchers, not just at the University of Waterloo, but across Canada.  We also strive to strengthen connections with the global complex systems research community.  We welcome diverse complex systems research approaches across disciplines in the sciences, arts, and humanities, striving to connect researchers with common methodological and domain interests.

WICI offerings include talks a range of speakers, from local experts to world-renown complex systems scholars.  The majority of our talks are recorded and are available on our website.  We also sponsor working groups, workshops, and small grants to support research development.  We have hosted three specialist conferences on various themes. WICI membership offers an opportunity to increase the visibility of complex systems scholars and build networks for collaborative research, funding applications, scientific commentary, policy analysis, and educational initiatives.   

I have been an active member of WICI since 2009, serving as Associate Director from 2011-2013 and as Director from 2013-2015.  I am now returning for a second term as Director, having served as a steering committee member in the interim.  WICI has experienced healthy growth in membership and scope since its inception.  

During my first term as Director, I led WICI through its second Faculty Senate renewal. As we approach our ten-year anniversary, we will also be preparing for our third renewal.  I look forward to engaging with our membership and University administration to craft a next-generation vision, identity, and support system for WICI.  We look forward to your contributions to this effort.  

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Dawn Parker
WICI Director

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