Prototyping Lab Project

Stephen Quilley with Marcel O’Gorman were awarded a CFI-JELF grant to support the work of students and researchers who are investigating the social, psychological, and environmental impacts of contemporary technologies. The equipment purchased through this grant has been used to train HQP in the creation of digital interfaces, apps, and small electronics that serve as "objects-to-think-with." More specifically, in the past year 15 graduate students have been trained in 3D modelling and printing, physical computing, Internet of Things design, big data analysis, and visualization. The training has paid off in the form of research papers presented, hardware projects showcased in design exhibitions, and Mitacs funded positions for students at Deloitte and North (formerly Thalmic Labs). This project builds on the ongoing work in relation to Stephen Quilley’s (Metcalf Funded) reMaker Society and represents quite a unique interdisciplinary collaboration.