Assistant clinical professor, McMaster University

William SutherlandWilliam Sutherland, MD, is a general practice physician presently working in emergency medicine, general practice psychotherapy, and functional medicine. He is the innovator of the complexity medicine paradigm and the author of the upcoming book on the subject, Grand Rounds: Healing Wisdom for a Complex World. Complexity medicine, by answering the call towards greater holism, looks at the embodiment of individual, cultural, and ecological health from an aesthetic, patterned, relational, and systems-based stance. He is a graduate of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University and has further completed a residency in rural family medicine. Presently, he is an assistant clinical professor (adjunct) through the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster. Research, discussion, and teaching interests include complexity and health, second-order cybernetics, systems biology and physiology, indigenous ways of knowing, radical constructivism, and epistemological and ontological considerations within the complexity sciences.

University of Waterloo