Shahab Valaei Sharif

PhD Candidate, Urban Planning

Shahab Valaei Sharif
Shahab Valaei Sharif is a current Ph.D. student in Urban Planning at the University of Waterloo under the supervision of Dr. Dawn Parker. He holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a major in Construction Engineering and Management from the Sharif University of Technology (2021). He is interested in interdisciplinary research in areas such as land and housing markets, urban infrastructure systems, and healthy cities.

In his previous research projects, he has used simulation and modelling techniques to develop policy analysis tools evaluating the effectiveness of community response and mitigation policies in the face of crises, such as natural disasters and pandemics. His current research mainly focuses on the application of system thinking techniques to solve longer-term urban problems with the final goal of increasing the resilience of cities.


  • Up to three academic disciplines that your work spans
    • Urban Planning
    • Environment
  • Up to three application areas that describe your research
    • Infrastructure systems
    • Land and housing markets
    • Healthy cities
  • Up to three methods that you use, or would like to use, in your work
    • Agent-Based Modelling
    • System dynamics
    • Geographical Information System (GIS)