Mental Health and Conflict

In order to deliver content to better meet expectations, we are offering two workshops.  
Mental Health and Conflict Introduction and Mental Health and Conflict Advanced.  See workshop descriptions below for more details:

Mental Health and Conflict: Introduction 

Marg Van Herk-Paradis

Held November 2021. Next date TBA

As we gain a greater awareness of and recognize the impact mental health challenges have in our society, it is important for organizations to gain a better understanding of the connection between conflict and the spectrum of mental health. This workshop will address such foundational questions as, “How does mental health impact how we approach conflict?” and “What strategies and tools can we engage to assist us and those with mental health in conflict situations?”

This one-day workshop is intended for those without professional training in Mental Health who are looking to understand some foundational tools and strategies.

Mental Health and Conflict: Advanced

Marg Van Herk-Paradis

Last offered May 2022.  Next delivery TBA


The intent of this workshop is to address more complex siutations, whether the conflict is more entrenched, the journey on the mental health continum more advanced in one or more parties, or the conflict environment creates additional risks.  Completion of the introductory workshop is not required.  Participants will be presumed to have some mental health knowledge.