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Friday, November 17, 2023 — 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM EST

Government Relations and the Copyright Advisory Committee are inviting you to a consultation on copyright and artificial intelligence. The feedback provided in this consultation will help us prepare an institutional response to the federal government survey.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

We want your feedback on copyright services

The Copyright Advisory Committee is collecting feedback on the copyright services offered across campus. We’re looking for feedback from all instructors, staff, and graduate students.

When: September 26 – October 18, 2023

Monday, August 28, 2023

New guidance available: Copyright and generative artificial intelligence

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and related technologies are subject to existing laws and regulations in Canada, such as intellectual property, copyright and privacy laws, among others. The legal status (e.g., copyright legislation and case law) of GenAI services is currently unsettled in Canada. A new guide on GenAI and copyright is available; designed to help you make an informed decision about using GenAI-created content.

Generative artificial intelligence

By the Copyright Advisory Committee, with the help of dan brown, Professor, Cheriton School of Computer Science

55. May I stream an audiovisual work from a streaming website, including Netflix?

The streaming subscriptions that the Media Resources Library has with CBC Curio, Criterion Pictures, Digitalia, the NFB, and are intended for educational use.

54. Can I change the format of audiovisual materials for accessibility purposes?

Permission is required to change formats for accessibility purposes. Using existing closed-captioned media is encouraged. The cost of making a request to a vendor to close caption, or to modify a non-closed-captioned DVD from a television series can be very costly and time consuming.  

Friday, November 25, 2022

Copyright term changes to life plus 70 years

As of December 30, 2022, the copyright term in Canada will be changing from author's life plus 50 years to the author's life plus 70 years. This change was made as part of Bill C-19, the Budget Implementation Act, and is required by Canada's obligations under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

What does this mean for me?

Monday, June 27, 2022

Website redesign complete

Our website has been redesigned to make it easier to use. The Copyright Advisory Committee welcomes your feedback; please fill out the website feedback form or reach out to Lauren Byl, copyright & licensing librarian with your thoughts.

Content has been arranged into three streams:

49. Is there anyone available to help me obtain permission to use copyright-protected materials? 

The W Store obtains copyright-related permissions for printed courseware; the Library obtains permissions for Course Reserves material; and the Centre for Extended Learning obtains permissions for fully online courses. For other uses, you may obtain permission yourself by emailing or writing a letter to the copyright owner.