Communication resources

As COVID-19 continues to rise, it is as important as ever that everyone in our University community plays a part in limiting the spread of the virus.

I know that this means we are asking a lot of our employees to share information as reinforce messaging to students – and to one another – about ways in which we can protect our community.

To help you, we are sharing some resources that you can use in classes, meetings, in your spaces, online and more to reinforce safety steps in person on and off campus.

We will continue to send messages to students on social media and directly by email from central and faculty teams to reinforce the ideas that we are all Waterloo Warriors, and Warriors protect each other.

Please consider using these messages and documents in your own communications.

Resources available

  • Welcome Back Waterloo – online guide: our comprehensive online guide for students and employees on safety protocols for COVID-19.

  • Welcome Back Waterloo – safety video: a two-minute video you can share with students and employees on our safety protocols

  • Safety messaging: this document gives you a comprehensive list of safety messages that you can use at any time covering:

    • General safety

    • Coming to campus

    • Study spaces

    • Information resources

    • Detailed safety messages

    • Campus check-in and COVID-Alert 

  • Safety video script : you can use this script in your own video messages to teams and classes. Please feel free to adapt this script to your needs 

  • Warriors protect Warriors social media assets: you can use these images in your UWaterloo personal social media accounts to reinforce our safety messages. They include:

    • Instagram/Facebook story assets

    • Twitter/Facebook image assets

  • COVID-19 Safety slide deck: this presentation covers the key safety protocols that you can use in class or meetings.