COVID-19 health resources

The following resources were created by Prof. Kelly Grindrod and collaborators as part of ongoing public health research and educational initiatives, including Pharmacy5in5, an online learning tool for pharmacists, technicians and students.

Permission requests for reproduction, adaptation, translation or other uses of any of these resources in electronic or print media, educational materials etc. should be directed to


COVID-19 treatment resources


mRNA vaccine resources

General mRNA vaccine infographics

mRNA COVID-19 vaccine FAQs in multiple languages

General COVID-19 and vaccination resources
Resources for Canadian pharmacists during the COVID-19 pandemic

To learn more about the resources on this webpage, check out this article on the project. This work has been supported in part by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

A note on translation:

We’d like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for their assistance with translation of COVID-19 materials: Kyla Agtarap, Wasem Alsabbagh, Arthi Bala, Joey Champigny, Feng Chang, Carole Coulombe, Rand Hussein, Cherry Liu, Kia Moazzami, the KW Multicultural Centre, Ibrahim Omar, Ivana Peralta, and William W.L. Wong.