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Waterloo Pharmacy Green Office Initiative
Green office silver certified

Piloted in January 2016, the Green Office program engages the University of Waterloo community in initiatives to make our campus greener. The School of Pharmacy joined the Green Office program in 2019 and is working to evaluate and improve sustainability practices at the School. In August 2020, the School of Pharmacy was recognized as a Bronze Certified Office. In November 2022, the School achieved Silver certification.

Pharmacy's sustainability story highlights

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Mealworms: an ethical solution to cell growth

Waterloo Pharmacy grad student wins $10k GreenHouse Social Impact Fund Prize

Prescription for change: Advancing sustainable practices in the pharmacy profession

CE Saturday keynote speaker Dr.Gruenberg spoke on the strong link between climate change and social detriments of health and how pharmacists can help patients adapt to changes they're already experiencing.

Going greener at the School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy’s Green Office Team was formed in 2019. From day one, they have been eager to implement changes to decrease the School’s carbon footprint and to launch projects to raise awareness about sustainability in the workplace.

Undergraduate affairs team goes paperless

Seeing the environmental benefits of avoiding unnecessary printing, the team has been inspired to transition to using technology in the place of paper-based documentation whenever possible.

The University of Waterloo’s sustainability efforts are coordinated by the Sustainability Office. Learn more about the Office and their initiatives:

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Current members

Kristen Archbell

Brianne Croteau

Catherine Deng (student representative 2023/2024)

Sarah de Waal

Ken Manson

Isabelle Ray

Melinda Recchia

Lisa Walsh

Sophie Yi (student representative 2023/2024)

Past members

Kyla Agtarap (student representative 2022/23)

Robin Andrade

Erika Mutimura

Alana Rigby

Gail Bender

Maher Jibrini (student representative 2022/23)