Resources, services and initiatives

The following page provides an overview of resources, services and initiatives available to the Waterloo Pharmacy community.

Pharmacy IT support

The information technology (IT) department is on-site at Waterloo Pharmacy from 8:30 to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The IT department is a full service in-house supporting teaching and administration. The department offers:

  • project planning
  • highly secure encrypted automated backups
  • website services
  • A/V services
  • web conferencing
  • IP telephony services
  • mobile device service
  • disaster recovery
  • virus scanning and prevention
  • building and room Security Access Management
  • operating system upgrades
  • software purchasing and installation and much more

For IT support, create an IT ticket by sending an email to  Be sure to include the subject of your request, your name, and your location.

For solutions to common IT issues, check out the Pharmacy IT support page.

Health Information Resources

Waterloo Pharmacy faculty and students develop resources to respond to urgent important care issues and initiatives that tackle challenges in the health care system.

Explore resources on the following topics. Resources may be used and shared with credit to the creators.

Brand resources

Check out the brand resources website for the latest downloadable resources and guidelines for the Waterloo Pharmacy brand.

Indigenous initiatives

Waterloo Pharmacy is committed to Indigenization in all aspects of our organization. See Our Indigenization Journey to learn about our work so far and goals for the future.

Green Office program

Waterloo Pharmacy is a proud member of the University of Waterloo's Green Office program. See our Green Office website to learn more aobut our work in this area.